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As every top triathlon races, Volunteers is needed to make Challenge Venice an unforgettable experience to both athlete and spectators.

Here you have the possibility to become part of the Challenge Family and contribute to the Challenge Venice’s success as one of the best full-distance triathlon.


All the triathletes knows how the presence of Volunteer is important, in the management of the race, but mostly helping them during their trial. In fact the banal passing of a canteen or a incitement will be great incentive and all the athletes will be grateful!

What volunteers do

  • Assist all athletes in their effort
  • Help to make athletes’ bags
  • Help athletes at the registration
  • Ensuring safety’s competitors
  • Protecting the course as traffic controller
  • Cheering the athletes during the race
  • Help at the aid station
  • Meet other people
  • Giving time for a fantastic race
  • Living and to discovering the event from the inside
  • Contributing to the success of an international sport event
    and much, much more…

Volunteers are required from Friday, June 1st until Sunday, June 3rd.
All Volunteers will get their positions within the Volunteer’s briefing.
Volunteers with specific assignment will receive the necessary indication during briefings.
All Volunteers must follow Organization request.

Volunteers benefits

  • Official Challenge Venice clothing (T-shirt, bag, cap) for all the Volunteers
  • Lunch vouchers at the official food area

Surprising reason you should volunteer at a triathlon (by Cass Young)

Triathlons can’t run smoothly without the much-needed help and assistance of event volunteers. Hundreds of people take part in the Challenge Venice Triathlon each year, and organising such numbers is no easy task. Volunteers hold integral positions and responsibilities in the lead up to and on the day of the event itself. The job itself isn’t just rewarding; it comes with some surprising benefits that could help enhance your career and put you in good stead for future events.

Gain work experience

Triathlons merge 3 major sporting events in one. The event itself requires meticulous planning and organisation to ensure smooth running, and in recent years there has been a recognised change in sporting events and the way they are run. By volunteering, you can gain some insight into the world of operations and event management. It will give you first-hand experience of time-management, event set-up and break-down, delegate management and many other useful skills for becoming a successful Event Manager. The experience will also give you an analytical approach to future events, and will show you what mistakes to avoid when event planning.


Volunteering is a great opportunity to network. You will get to meet and assist athletes and professionals first hand, and you never know when these connections may be useful for your career or in a personal capacity. As you will be on-hand to assist the athletes, you may meet like-minded triathletes who can share training trips and future racing events with you; you may even find a training buddy.

If you are considering a career in sports, you may get to network with some great coaches who can give you coaching and race advice, and connect you with others in the industry. Perhaps you are interested in operations, in which case you will work alongside seasoned operators who can give you guidance and potential career opportunities too.

Give back

You may have been a participant in previous triathlons; what better way to give back to the community than by offering your time as a volunteer. Consider all of the times you have stopped off at a refreshment station, or had help with signing in. Now it is your turn to return the favour. It is particularly great for athletes who are in training for another event to feel a part of the atmosphere, or if you are on the road to recovery from an injury it means you can still feel involved in the event.

Your volunteer experience can be whatever you make of it; as long as you have some fun, make some friends and do a great job, it will still be a rewarding experience.

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